Ahh the lunch line, where I catch snippets from every kind of human being at Augsburg college. So lets set the scene, it's a lunch line, ok thats out of the way.

Vegan one person in front of me: I'll have the tofu, the meatless burger, no cheese, and some beans please. A smug look comes over his face as if to say "I'm better than everyone, I crawled down from my cross for a snack though

Vegan Homosexual in front of me(Not sure, but hell, he is wearing the same pants my sister wears and his bleach blonde highlights and well plucked eye brows give me a hint): Well I don't want any meat at all Laughter from half the line I just want the same thing he had Winks at Vegan ahead of him

Vegan 1: I haven't had meat for three years

Vegan 2: I haven't had meat for four years More laughter

A look of defeat comes over Vegan 1, he has been outsmugged

Me: Give me anything that felt pain as you butchered it in cold blood. Veal? Perfect, I don't care how it tastes! Chewing loudly I lean forward to the Vegans ahead of me You can almost hear the screams can't you!

Vegans look disgusted

Open-minded outspoken overly wealthy girl behind me: You're sick, do you know that? Think how many animals died for the meal you're going to eat.

I look over her appearence , rectangle frames, peircings, a tattoo of a cross, a gaudy cross necklace, and the most rediculous looking outfit ever.

Me: Nice leather handbag bitch

Almost to the exit

Girl, Vegan, Vegan Homosexual in chorus: Fat ass!

Bested again