Their guard is down, let's do this.

First step – we'll break into the White Castle and make that our base of operations. Since today is the only day all year they're closed, I'm pretty sure the doors don't have locks. The password to get in will be "chhhhhhhhh." Don't worry, nobody but us is reading this. Even if they are, we enacted the secret plot to remove the part of the brains that lets them make that noise over two decades ago. I think we'll be fine.

Don't tell the elders, but I was late to the last cabal meeting – what time did we say we would start embedding mind control messages in the media? Two? That's perfect – we can make the 3:00 Night at the Museum. I love Ben Stiller.

We've got some time to put this plan into action. Tomorrow they will all be playing with their new toys, but we'll have had ours for over a full week already.

 Also, I was thinking while the town is empty maybe we could get a big game of Capture The Flag going. I don't know, I thought that would be cool.