Predasaurus39: Hey! Age/Sex/Location?
LittleBoy97: Hi there! 10/Male/Boca Raton
Predasaurus39: Me too. LOL
LittleBoy97: How old are you really?
Predasaurus39: Haha. LOL. I’m 11! I hope that’s not too old for you.
LittleBoy97: No, that’s fine. So when do you want to have sex?
Predasaurus39: Wow. You’re very forward.
LittleBoy97: Seriously. Come to my home at 121 Rainbow Lane in Boca. Don’t bring anyone. Just wait for me by the camera crew in the kitchen.
Predasaurus39: Camera crew? Wait a second…are you from NBC’s Dateline?
LittleBoy97: Damn it! You got me.