The scene opens in a debating house. I don't know, i guess that's a place where there's fancy furniture and bookshelves with books that have leather on them instead of slipcovers, and i guess the rug is not like a coily rug, but more like a big persian rug, from persia. Did you know that ancient-day persia is modern-day Iran? Durr, i know you did. I know everyone knows, i've known it forever. Or since yesterday.

Anyway, here we are in the debating house. One room of the debating house, obviously. Not the whole house. Lets say the debating room of a house used for other things, debating being only one of the uses of the house. Lets say the primary use, though.

Anyway, here we are in the debating room of the various-uses house.

Lord… Brad: The hispanics are wrong.

Benjamin Butter: I disagree, because, no, that isn't true

Benjamin Butter: Yeah, you're stupid. Not me, shut up.

Lord Brad: No.

David Benadryl: Every time I go outside, i expect to see blimps. Usually i dont, because no one uses blimps anymore. Probably because, despite their ability to stay in the air using mostly an inexpensive and efficient fuel, and their ability to hold large cargos of people for the purpose of sightseeing and transport, and their obviously novel appearance, their uses have died down because of the vision of horror and destruction associated with them. The hindenburg, that is.

Benjamin Butter: Wait, every time you go outside, you expect to see blimps?

David Benadryl: Yes, well, i half-expect to.

Lord Brad: Good lord, man, why?

David Benadryl: I'm getting there.

Benjamin Butter: Oh.

Lord Brad: It's still weird.

Benjamin Butter: Are you really getting there? You don't seem to be.

David Benadryl: I was pausing for dramatic effect.

Benjamin Butter: That's stupid. You're stupid.

David Benadryl: No. Anywhose, I predominantly don't end up seeing any blimps when i go outside. But once, I did! That doesn't make me a psychic, though. Therefore, Lord Brad is not a psychic.

Lord Brad: What?!

Benjamin Butter: He's right.

Lord Brad: No he isn't!

Benjamin Butter: He is right. Like the hispanics.

David Benadryl: We're talking about hispanics?

Lord Brad: The hispanics are useless! They are hard workers, but they are simply in love with bullfighting! Bullfighting is pointless and ineffective! Therefore, so are hispanics.

Benjamin Butter: Not everything they do has to do with bullfighters!

David Benadryl: No, he's right. Everything they do has something to do with bulls. Fighting them, running from them, teaching them how to dance, being able to count on them in a tight spot, forming lifelong friendships, eventually discovering that life isn't about what you have, it's about who has your back, and then finally coming to terms with the fact that he is a bull and you are a human and society will never accept your friendship, and it will always be this hard, and it will never get easier, until the day when you finally wrap your lips around whatever the mexican equivalent of a gun is and say adios. And the bull finds you the next morning.

Lord Brad: I agree.

Martha Curdleburg: Who wants biscuits?

Lord Brad: I do!

Benjamin Butter: And I as well!

David Benadryl: I, also, wish for biscuits as well!

Martha Curdleburg: I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT!