Crugg: Green light…Red light!
Nagg: Ack! Mung cheat again. He step forward when Crugg say stop.
Mung: Nagg speak lie!

Mung bashes Nagg over the head with a club, killing him.

Crugg: Mung do wrong. No need kill Nagg.
Mung: Now Mung have Nagg wife. Mung have two wife now.
Dag: Dag want play game. Dag no like Nagg anyway. Nagg smell like mammoth.

Crugg: Green light…red light!
Dag: Gahhh!
Crugg: What now?
Dag: Mung put Nagg blood in Dag hair.
Crugg: Mung, why you do this?

A pterodactyl
swoops down and carries Dag away.

Crugg: Mung! No is right. Giant bird smell blood on Dag. Now bird eat Dag.
Mung: Mung want play game.
Crugg [Sighs]: Green light…re—

Mung sneaks behind Crugg and bashes him over the head with a rock, killing him.

Mung [Beating his chest]: Mung win game! This now Mung favorite game.

A saber-tooth tiger lands in front of Mung.

Mung: Ack! Mung no safe when Mung alo—

Mung gets ripped to pieces.