I know a girl who loves me more than I do
I know a world of girls that I've lied to who have tried to.
I know I'm not the man I'd aspired to become.
I know my parts don't equal my sum.
I know what they total.
I know that it's more than a mole hill.
I know that my intentions were noble.
I know I'm in control of my soul still,
though I know that it owes bills.
I know what my weaknesses are
I know it's my weakness that keeps us apart.
I know that I miss you.
I know I've loved you since the moment I kissed you.
I know I'd never been so sure.
But I didn't know I'd gotten a cold sore
When I went down on you before the growths formed.
(you know what that's code for)
I know that, presently, there seems to be no cure,
And I know that isn't something I'd go for…
But I know I won't be calling you no more.
So with that I'll make my peace,

The guy who gave you herpes

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