This month I had the pleasure of asking Miss September, Patrice Hollis, some very important questions. Patrice is 25, lives in Vegas and has 34DDD boobs. Interesting…

1. What is funnier and why: a kid walking into a glass door and falling down or a grown man falling down and instantly getting back up going “I’m fine…I’m fine.”

I think a man falling is funnier because he's more embarrassed.

2. What is sexier in a guy: ability to ski very well or ability to snowboard very well?
Either one as long as he doesn't fall.

3. What is the most food you’ve ever eaten at once?

A large pizza but then I had to sleep at the table because I couldn't move!

4. Gross. Did you get to choose how much of your body to show in the pictures or is that something Playboy decides?
Playboy decides, but they make sure you are comfortable.

5. If I said you could punch me in the face as hard as you wanted right now, would you do it? If so, why? If not, why not?
No, that would be mean and a waste of a punch.

6. Pansy. What’s worse on a guy and why: a weak chin or weak arms?

Weak arms! I'd rather he could give a punch than take one.

7. Have you ever been caught farting when you’ve tried to hide it? What happened?
No, I just say 'what's that smell?' first so it seems like someone else did it.

8. Which would you choose and why: no sex for a year or no Internet for a year?

No internet. Sex relieves stress, internet causes it.

9. What is the grossest thing you do?

I can spit pretty far.

10. I noticed you wear glasses: what is your prescription in each eye?
I'm 20/20 I wore them for the look.

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