Remember when Ohio State and Michigan were good at football?

Remember when people thought Florida didn't deserve to play Ohio State and not the other way around?

Remember when it was debatable if the Big 10 was the best conference in college football?

Remember when Troy Smith was the best player in the nation?

Remember when the thought of Boise State in the title game was absurd?

Remember when USC lost to UCLA for some reason?

Remember when "Chompions" was just a hilarious pun inside of an editor's mind, expected never to see the light of day?

Here's to the BCS! For making one month ago seem like ten years ago!

NOTE: There is ONE thing that some of you were right about all along: The Wolverines DID deserve a re-match against Ohio State.

…It's just that nobody knew it was supposed to be in the Meineke Car Care Bowl.