You've all undoubtedly seen the "Photoshopped!" comment. It's everywhere, on every item, movie and update on this site. It haunts me in my sleep. Growing curious about this phenomenon, I asked some of CollegeHumor's developers to search the site's history and find the person responsible for this. That person is Matt Lofquist. On this picture.

What inspired you to write "Photoshopped!"
Those weren't Ms. Spears' real boobs, I don't care what the internet tells me.

After seeing the never ending trend it seems to have started, do you regret it?
I regret I only had but one picture to say "Photoshopped!" on, for my country.  I couldn't really regret it though; this all was inevitable.  Everything really IS Photoshopped, by our government.

Did you have any idea that you were the original "Photoshopped!" commenter?
I had no idea.  I wish I was a better "the original something else," like original guy to wear a Christmas light banana hammock.

Have you posted a similar comment since?
I can't say I have.  I'm saving my judgement for a big day, yet to come.

Do you personally enjoy other people's "Photoshopped!" comments?
I do!  It's nice to see the conspiracy torn down, one poorly Photoshopped image at a time.  But seriously, I'd rather see "Photoshopped!"  than "first".

Do you think you will enjoy them more now that you know you were first?
It'll warm the cockles of my heart for years to come.

Do you have anything to say to the people who comment with "Photoshopped!" all the time?
Keep those eyes trained on Collegehumor, always looking for a wrong pair of tits, a strange angle of vomit, a "that guy" who wasn't really disturbing a picture.  Real Co-ed nudity/making-out is what makes this country great!

What about to the people who despise those commenters?
I'd say switch your morning bottle of Hater-Ade to a warm glass of shut-the-hell-up.  Also, make me some pancakes.

What's next for Matt Lofquist?
Class and a #2 pencil, or the beach and my pal Jose.  Jose Cuervo.  Either way, I'll be out making photographs for future generations to edit.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, Matt! To see some of Matt's original- un-photoshopped- pictures, check out his website, Backcountry Blitz