Pages from the Diary of Planeteer Wheeler (Fire)

July 7 – July 14, 2007

I seem to keep getting in trouble. I guess it’s the fact that Linka died one year ago this week – it is just hard for me to wrap my head around he loss. It seems like only yesterday when she would follow my call of “Fire!” with her own of “Wind!” It just goes to show you that sailing while drunk with a magic ring that creates wind is just a horrible idea – R.I.P. Beautiful.

I have another court case coming-up. I can’t believe I just got off probation and I’m already in trouble again. Fire is suddenly such a useless power when it comes to helping people. Yea, it’s a cool bar trick when someone needs a light or you can’t get the campfire started, but beyond that it’s basically useless. The DA is charging me with criminal endangerment and assault after I broke-up that convenient store robbery. Yes, some believe blasting them with fire for over a minute was a little excessive, but I just don’t have the control I used to. The police took the ring as evidence. I feel more alone now than ever.

I’m drinking again. The memories are too much for me to handle. The nuclear bombs, the forest fires, the toxic waste – nobody remembers what we did. Suddenly it is all “Global Warming” this and “Oil Crisis” that. Don’t they remember the rodent zombies of South America, the cloning ray in Africa or the reef ripper of Australia?

I called Gi the other night – she wasn’t too happy to talk to me. I think she is still in love with me. Things have gotten strange since she married Looten Plunder. I know he’s changed his ways now that he works for Animal Conservatory Corp., but I just don’t trust the guy. She told me that I need to get help – she knows her and I are supposed to be together. Come on, I am fire and she is water – isn’t it obvious. Plunder just had the cash and the charm I didn’t.

All right – Time to head to work. I just hope the Deli is quiet today. I don’t think I can handle too much pressure anymore.