Monday – Make sure to come into work more hungover than you’ve ever been in your life, it’s your last week and you no longer care what anyone else thinks about you.

Tuesday – Try to sign up for classes. Realize that classes vital to completing your major have been full for months. Change major.

Wednesday – Considering it’s your last week, don’t bother to actually learn the name of the receptionist you've talked to every day this summer. You’ve made it this far knowing only the name of the guy that hired you and the girl in the cubicle next to yours.

Thursday – Spend first 4 hours on Wikipedia, discover that the entries about the Simpsons are the most comprehensive and well thought out contribution to the internet. Spend last 4 hours building impenetrable fort out of office supplies around your cubicle. Attach sign reading "Genius at work". Take nap inside newly built fort until quitting time.

Friday – Write article for, realize it’s mediocre at best, but still the best thing you’ve done all summer. Remove pants. Systematically give the finger to everyone in the office. Leave two hours early. Smear feces on the windshield of that guy that was kind of a jerk. Recognize that with only a week of vacation left you've wasted your summer.