(James returns from the mailbox and tosses three Netflix envelopes onto the coffee table)

James: Hey dude, your new Netflix movies came in the mail today

Chase: Oh did they, alright, cool. Well I will just toss these in my room, thanks man.

James: Wait, what movies are they? Maybe we could watch one.

Brad: Yea, we could like make up a drinking game for it too. Like that time we watched Office Space and we drank every time we wanted to bang Jennifer Aniston.

Chase: Oh, I don’t even remember, probably nothing good. I’m just going to put them away in my room now.

Brad: Dude, what’s your problem. Just let us see what you got.

Chase: Alright, but seriously I don’t even know what these ones are. Emily was like messing with my list the other day so she might have put something gay in there.

(Brad opens the first envelope)

Brad: You weren’t kidding, doesn’t get any gayer than Brokeback Mountain.

Chase: Seriously dude, see, that must have been Emily.

James: Yea, but I don’t want that shit in my house. Just seal it back up and mail it right back.

Chase: No don’t! I mean somebody, or Emily, will probably watch it. Yea, I should probably let Emily see it first.

James: Whatever man, just don’t leave that laying around. Anybody else sees it and we’re all gay. That movie is a plague.

(James opens up the second envelope)

James: Aww Jesus, seriously, Sixteen Candles? You might as well paint our walls pink you pansy.

Chase: I thought I took that off of there. I mean, I didn’t even really mean to put it on there in the first place. I saw half of it on TBS one day and added it so that if there were no other good movies out I would just get it so that I could see the whole thing.

Brad: Oh, so you’ve seen all the really good movies since Sixteen Candles so now this is all you really have left to watch? Pretty amazing.

Chase: I don’t know, I just forget to update my list sometimes.

(James opens the last Netflix envelope)

James: Rent? You are dead to me.

Chase: Awe, come on. My parents took me to see it on Broadway a few years ago, it really was pretty good. Catchy song at least. (Singing) Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes…

Brad: (Singing) How do we measure, why Chase is so queer.

Chase: See, Brad has seen it.

Brad: No dude, my little sister use to play that song all the time. Don’t drag me down with you.

(Long awkward silence)

Chase: So I guess we will watch Sixteen Candles.

James: That’s fine.

Brad: Sounds good.