Dear fuck-tards,
I hope you burn in hell. You people are the worst kind of people. You not only ruin the days of many a student trying to either walk to class or from it, I'm 99% positive you kick children when they pass by you on the street and then spit on them and call them names like "pube-face" and "accident". You also waste loads of paper by having 5 people in the space of 20 square feet hand out the same piece of whale turd to the same person. And there is nothing lower (literally) then whale turd. Except for you. So go ahead and do the world a favor and die. Then go ahead and do the ground where you would've been buried a favor by burning yourself into a crisp and/or shooting your dead body or remains into space. Then I might like you. I'll have to think about it.

I hate you,

P.S. You are turning our school into an oxymoron. While you waste paper that came from trees, there are weirdo's sitting in the trees outside the football stadium solely to save them.