Dancing guy –The secret of the crazy dancer is his knowledge that women perceive a directly proportional relationship between spastic gyrations in a club and sexual prowess in the bedroom. As soon as you enter the club, head immediately for the dance floor. If you are in a bar where no one is dancing then just find some open space where your mad skillz can be observed.

Don’t be afraid to start out dancing alone. Women will respect the confidence it takes to bust out those moves while staring at them from across the bar. If you see a fellow dancer guy “workin it” by himself, its not gay to go dance with him. The combined power of your dazzling moves will only accentuate your PPP (pussy pulling potential). Frequently they may engage you in a “dance off” where you alternate displaying your best moves in a competition that ends with the winner being proclaimed the true dancer guy king of the club and consequently having the hottest girls in the club offer themselves as sexual trophies.

Once you’ve established a “dancer guy presence”, then you can start getting to work. Begin with the nearest girl who has her back turned to you. It’s important that she doesn’t see you coming as to provide no opportunity for retreat. Again, don’t be shy, if you seem timid you will come off as the insecure, self-hater you really are. Go ahead and start humping them with a confident swagger and grab a handful of boobs just to let them know who is boss. If no music is playing or the song is slow, try adding your own techno “mmnss mmnss” beat to your dance, Roxbury style.

Don’t get discouraged if you are frequently blown off, slapped, or have the drunk, oblivious girl dragged off by her friends. The key is persistence. Go from one girl to the next in a circular pattern around the club until one of them gives in and takes you home or the bouncer throws you out.