7 words that can lead to wonder. When someone mentions "you don't know the half of it" my mind becomes entangled with what's the half that I don't know?? Then I start to think, what's the half that I do know? Basically I don't know any of it, and your little phrase has me confused and wondering what it is, rather than you just telling me a quarter of it to get me on the right track.

For instance, I was riding the elevator today and a lady about the age of 30 was drinking a red bull. Being the stern observer that I am, I noted "Nice breakfast." She quickly retorted "You don't know the half of it." As the elevator slowly led us to the first level, I wondered what did she mean by that. If all I knew at that point was she was drinking a red bull for breakfast, the other half must be really simple, like was the other half of her breakfast a piece of pizza? Is that what she meant? Or did she mean that I'm going to be left pondering all day what she did yesterday to force her to consume a red bull so galantly early in the morning. The problem with this is, I have never met this woman before, so I don't know the half of anything in her life. To understand the half of her red bull story I'll have to analyze her whole life and find out what brought her to drinking a red bull. Was she mutilated and molested as a child? Did she not get that malibu barbie for christmas? Did she recently see the movie Deja Vu and go crazy from trying to comprehend it? What has driven her to drink that red bull for breakfast.

Now you know the half of what I know is the half of her life that I don't know.