Opening title sequence, then cuts to montage of girl doing something ridiculous

Girl: I'm really bored with life, and my parents never gave me attention, so I'm going to make guys do something they don't want to do so they can sleep with me.

Cut to guy contestants walking in the bus

Guy #1:
I am a nerdy Jewish boy who overcompensates by trying to me funny but I end up scaring every girl away because of it. Like my Jew-fro?
Guy #2: I'm the only non-white person on the show. The MTV people only put me on the show so they don't get sued. Sup Homey?!
Guy #3: I go to the gym all the time because I have nothing better to do, and probably have a very small penis. I would check but I'm too busy working out. I was the guy who beat you up in the third grade cause you were smaller then me. GRUNT.
Guy #4: I'm the fat guy who tries to hook up with girls but ends up being their friends in the end. I am clinically depressed but I don't show it. Not really sure how I got on this show…
Guy #5: I play video games all day… That's all.

The guys meet each other in bus.

Guy #1: well guys, I'm up first, I will most likely fail even though I act confident. (Leaves bus)
Guy #2: so what do you think his chances are?
Guy #3: I can probably bench press him. Don't I look good?

In front of bus

Guy #1:
I'm frozen for a second.

Cut to girl and guy #1 meeting

Girl: I don't like guys that look sensitive so I'll next you
Guy #1: Aww…

Back in bus (insert some ridiculous narrated rhyme about his shortcomings)

All guys on bus: OOOOOOOOOOH!
Guy #1: She's the hottest thing I've ever seen. I was honored to be in her presence. Guy #2, it's your turn. I'm going to be depressed for years.
Guy #2: Thank god, I hate everyone here.

In front of bus

Guy #2: These facts are true. all of them.

Cut to girl and guy #2 meeting

Girl: I'll give you the time of day because you're hot.
Guy #2: Good, now I'm going to be overly creepy.
Girl: Good. Now do this crazy ridiculous stunt cause I have weird expectations.

(Guy #2 attempts task, fails)

Girl: i don't like you anymore. Next!
Guy #2: I didn't want to be here anyways.

Back in bus (insert another ridiculous narrated rhyme)

All guys on bus: OOOOOOOOOOH!
Guy #4: what are you wearing? I think it would show my fat rolls and that is NOT cool
Guy #2: I don't know. But that bitch is crazy. Guy #3, you're up.
Guy #3: I was born for this.

In front of bus

Guy #3: I look bad ass in this freeze frame. The facts are real!

Girl and guy meet

Girl: My daddy didn't love me, so I'm gonna make you do something you'll later regret.
Guy #3: Wanna have sex?
Girl: Screw this, take me now

Back on bus

All guys: We're all going to cry later. Most likely together.
Guy #2: Any of you guys have sisters?