No, you're not hallucinating. Well, maybe you are. But either way, it's true: we redesigned CollegeHumor.

Here are a few of the improvements:

  • Full screen option for videos
  • Less homepage ads
  • More cute college girls each week

The biggest news is the launch of CHTV, the new version of our original videos section. It's got a slick new look, it's better organized, and you can find all of our original series in one place. Which reminds us – today brings this new episode of Clock Suckers. Tomorrow: Street Fighter: Episode 4.

Also, all upcoming original videos will be presented in a new widescreen player. We're in the process of converting the existing CHTV video library, but you can already watch these classics in widescreen: High Times Editorial Office, Facebook Off, Olmec: Sex Therapist, Minesweeper: The Movie, and Commenter Business Meeting.

Hope you guys like the new features.

Oh, BTW, check out our new player while watching our newest original video – the latest installment of Clocksuckers.