Want to convey a message to that other person in the bathroom, but without using words? Now you can, thanks to the rich and beautiful language of Public Bathroom Signals.

Foot tapping Trying to initiate sexual encounter
Attempting to climb over partition Really trying to initiate sexual encounter
Reaching hand under partition Initiating exchange of currency
Two taps on dividing wall I have limited knowledge of Morse Code
Whistling Insecure about penis size
Kicking door Sometimes I think I'm a horse
Crawls under partition Hi, I'm a midget
Feet disappear while flushing Beware of sharks
Hums "You're a Grand Old Flag" Patriot!
Hums "You're a Grand Old Flag" but in an ominous, minor key Terrorist!
Fairly good imitation of the call of the cedar waxwing Avid bird-watcher seeks same for coffee, long-term relationship
Grunting, straining Ate at Taco Bell and/or giving birth
"Help! I'm locked in this stall!"
Terrorist trying to initiate sexual encounter
Mournfully hums "L'Chaim" Refugee