Every month or so, there is a new girl on the front page of collegehumor.com that is supposed to be "Cute College Girl of the Day." So far, most of these girls appear to be something found out of "Whores and Incompetent R Us." After looking at todays, I cannot sit back and watch this happen anymore. For starters there are a few that meet the standards of "cute" and by few, I mean three. The others are qualified for "Slutty College Girl" and "Attention Whore of the Day." Yes, it is highly entertaining to read the conversations you have with these girls. Just as entertaining as half baked, which I would compare the girls responses to, and I do read them every chance I get to hear the dribble that comes out of these women's mouths. One owns a turtle, yes a turtle as a "pet" and thinks its cool. Another, plays World of Warcraft with the Rockstar drinking, hot pocket eating low lives of cyberspace. And my favorite is a 24 year old psychology major; last time I checked, it doesn't take 6 years to finish a psychology degree.
So, maybe a we need a little more in-depth search for what is supposed to be "Cute." Cute implies girl next door with a good smile, good eyes, good body, and intelligence. Lets take this in to account when choosing these girls in the future.