Jay: Listen to this song.
(Presses play on ipod. Avril Lavigne “Girlfriend” plays and sings along)

Rob: That’s nice man. Check this out
(Presses play on ipod. Rihanna “Umbrella” and sings, worse than Jay)

Jay: Yeah yeah, okay okay.
(Plays Kanye West “Stronger” and raps, awkwardly and loud. Drops an N-bomb)

Rob: Haha, all right. I feel you.
(Plays Andrew WK “Party Hard” and screams the lyrics)

Jay: Fuck that man! I fuckin’ got the tune!
(Plays Three Six Mafia “Slob on my Nob” and raps it out)

Rob: Yeah baby! Squeeze on my nuts! Lick on my butt!

Apple Store Guy: Hey guys. Hey guys. HEY!
(Sound of child crying)