Dan joins his roommate Brian on the couch and tries very hard to fit in despite not knowing anything about sports.

Dan: Hey cool the soccer match is on.

Brian: Hmm? No, it's football.

Dan: Well yeah, I mean like how they call it soccer in Europe.

Brian: Nope, you mean how they call soccer football in Europe?

Dan: Pff same thing.

Brian: Not really.

Dan: Anywho, which group are you rooting for?

Brian: Well I like the Jets this year, so I'm hoping they can pull it together and make it to the playoffs. How about you?

Dan: Hmm, yes Jets are fun, but personally I prefer… [squints at screen]… Bal's in this bout.

Brian: What?

Dan: I know I know they don't seem like the best team right now but I believe that they have the gumption to…

[Brian cuts him off]

Brian: No, really what are you talking about? Hold on, are you just reading the City abbreviations next to the scores? Do you mean Baltimore?

Dan: Oh, you don't call them the Bal's? I guess that's just what we call them back home. Bal-boyz.

Brian: Aren't you from Cape Cod?

Dan: Yeah, why? OH JEEZ! That guy in the green jumpsuit just knocked over the guy with the ball, oh he's going to be getting a foul for that.

Brian: You don't know anything about sports do you?

Dan: …. teach me?