Pornography on the internet, I think I speak for the world when I say “What a godsend!”I don’t know how I got by before the internet.Thanks to it I now have an infinite amount of pornography right at my fingertips.Some may say “That’s terrible, there should be controls!”I’m sure there are controls for the lunatics who might want them.Thank god for the rest of us there’s a plethora, a massive unending amount of quality porn.In fact the other day while researching this very topic I ran across an interesting site for guys interested in girls stuck in cars. Seriously, it was a site with no nudity aimed towards the male with a fetish for women who get their vehicles stuck in mud or sand, I couldn’t make that up.This example exemplifies my opinion that porn on the internet is a useful tool that should be protected.Imagine a world where a man couldn’t go to that site. You’d have men intentionally getting their girlfriends cars stuck in ditches in the hope that she would try to drive it out.Who has time for that?Thanks to the good ole web page programmers there is an outlet for these men’s fantasies.Some may argue that readily available porn is a detriment to our society and may encourage acts of promiscuity and aggressive male sexual behavior. I say that I logged many hours on my home computer throughout high school and look at me, so I may have a preoccupation with pineapples, peanut butter and the occasional nine iron but that’s typical right?I turned out fine.Plus if this internet pornography hadn’t been available to me then, how would I have convinced my girlfriend to participate in our depraved sexual forays.Now I know there are many people out there who find my argument disgusting, but I ask you now, was Elvis shaking his hips disgusting, at the time yes it was, were the Beatles ahead of their time? Again yes.So this tells us that porn will also become generally accepted in the futures society.
A world without these types of freedoms is a world I wouldn’t like to live in.What would be the next to go?A woman’s right to vote?We can’t go backwards here people! Freedom of speech and worship were the main reasons we founded this country, to deny ourselves those basic rights is to step backward in time.For those who disagree I commend you, for that’s another right we can’t take for granted, your right to disagree, to take away my internet porn would be to take away my rights as a person, I’m not trying to take away your church am I.This train of thought leads me to another argument, your church. For the sake of argument let’s say that the majority of people opposed to internet porn regularly attend a church. Well whatever church it is I guarantee it has been persecuted against in some form or fashion, unless of course it’s the Church of Scientology, because everyone knows that one is legit.Regardless, your church has been opposed just as strongly if not more so than my internet porn.Again, I see how some may not see the relevance; a good church instills values and helps to encourage good character.What does pornography do?Well I’m not really sure, but that’s no reason to abolish it.If we just started getting rid of things because we didn’t know what good they provided we’d have to remove the president and throw away condoms.The point of my argument is that internet porn is a lesser evil. Its one thing out there that is not worth the energy to try and combat, more controls sure, but to expend any more time and effort to remove something that will inevitably remain is pointless. There are many more important things to be removed from our society like laws or drug tests.
In closing I have to argue that the freedom to view internet porn is a right that should never be taken for granted.I can’t stress enough how important this resource is in a country of growing right-wing evangelistic church/state leaders out there.I wonder if we were to lose this god-given research tool what goes next our legal right to solicit sex.What will we have to live for in this fascist, materialistic, imperialistic, war hungry, and oil thirsty world?I can’t think of anything either.My points is that regardless of your beliefs or views for or against any questionable thing remember that you have those beliefs and you’re allowed to, and respect others because theirs may be different, but they like you, value their opinions and to disrespect theirs belittles your own.Fight for what the country stands for, freedom.