My eyes drooped, ‘twas late at night
My parents and I had a great big fight
And I pondered as to the nature of my plight
Why why oh why am I not white?

I fell asleep, a little bit later
Fancy thoughts, my dreams would cater
Of congratulations, a pat on the back
I woke up thinking, so much for that

Socially awkward, in the school I toil
My hair combed, rubbed with coconut oil
I wear khakis and don a plaid shirt
Yet people say I am not fashion alert

Soon enough in med school I'll be
Perhaps then, girls will notice me.
A pristine lab coat I'll don,
Over me, they'll surely fawn

I smell like garlic everywhere I walk
Behind my back I hear people talk
Black hair and brown skin they see
Even the Asians won’t accept me

I am a disappointment to the Indian name
I was kicked out of the house for bringing great shame
Even if I work hard every single night
‘tis not my fault that I am not white.