Last week I confessed some of my own dirty secrets to my freshman roommate. This week I asked you guys to submit some of your confessions. Here are the top 10 you sent to

You told me many times how you were deadly allergic to peanuts and how just being around them could give you a reaction. Regardless I still kept a jar of peanuts in the drawer and would eat them regularly.
- Jared, Pennsylvania State University –

Roommate, you snore really, REALLY loud. One night it drove me so crazy that I farted on you in your sleep. And I'm pretty sure that's how you got pinkeye.
– Stuart, School Not Given

Two years ago, I had to get a new roommate because mine left for a new school halfway through the year. Anyway, my internet was down and I had to go on my roommates to check my Ebay account. I had a feeling the guy was a bit weird, so I checked his “my pictures” folder and found self taken pictures of his erect penis with his face in the background. They were taken near gooch, and upward.
- Mitchell, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point –

I peed in the shower. And I don't mean on the drain. I mean all over the walls, the curtain, maybe your shampoo…But I did a really good job avoiding my feet.
- Alex, School Not Given –

I used your cell phone to fake drunk dial your parents and friends (at 3:00 AM) before using my PC and USB cable to erase your whole phone book in one fell swoop. Additionally, I swapped my friend's broken phone battery with your functional one.
- Steven, School Not Given –

My roommate was a straight up OCD clean freak…she actually would scrub the heater vents and window panes on a weekly basis. Anyhow she went home every weekend and always thought that I'd never go in her room. She also hated my boyfriend, and would refuse to acknowledge him or any of my other friends. However, me and boyfriend would come back drunk from the bars and have ridiculous amounts of sex in her bed every single weekend. Every Monday she would inspect her room and the apartment to see if I did anything she could complain about and she never knew. That was the ultimate satisfaction and one of the only reasons I was able to continue living with her.
- Anonymous Girl, Utica College –

I slept on my back for the first three months because I thought you were gay.
– Josh Rubin, School Not Given –

Remember the time that you lost your birth control and were out for a while? Well I actually hid it and pretended I didn't know what was going on. I was hoping you would get pregnant and quit school so I wouldn't have to deal with your shit.
- Alese, Saint Louis University –

When you hawk phlegm while sitting at your computer I contemplate whether it's true that you get straight A's if your roommate dies.
- Carlos, School Not Given –

Danielle, a girl, decided to share one of the more disturbing confessions I've seen.

My friend and I both spit loogies on her precious Vera Bradly bags and when she was acting like the ignorant bitch, and she always was, I let that same friend a month later shoot a snot rocket onto her retainer
– Danielle, School Not Given –

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