Woohoo! It's time for that big homecoming game! That means you get to do two things 1) drink beer while pretending to feign passing interest in your school's football team and 2) get to see what clever T-shirt slogans the fraternities on campus have cooked up for this year's event.

The thing about fraternities is that they're super secretive and don't really want you to know any of their secret rituals which is why even their designs are written in code.

But don't worry! I'm here to help you translate all of these difficult frat guy puzzles.

Translation: I tried to roofie your sister and she kicked me in the balls.

Translation: There is a tool on this shirt for a reason.

Translation: I sit behind your girlfriend in math class. Her hair smells good.

Translation: I went to Paris with my parents once. It was lovely. Also I like dudes.