The Haitian is back baby! Prepare for creepiness and subtle racism. I wonder if he will get a job at copy kingdom too? Is Mohinder’s boss, Needlenose Ned, Ned the Head, Ned Ryerson from Groundhog’s Day? I believe so. He looks so familiar, its not listed as him on IMDB, but I trust my gut.

Los Wonder Twins really screwed it up big time, we finally got the definite scoop on their powers. When they are separated it, Maya makes people have blood tears (such an overused power). Only her brother can stop her from having episodes, which I will have to agree with the coyote on this one is very similar to the devil.
Peter Petrelli is back in action, using his powers to whoop two Westie thugs pretty badly, though when a nobody holds his ‘identity’ over a fire he is helpless and forced to work alongside them? What about the telekinesis you used five minutes ago, or your Kitty Pryde power or anything? He is five feet away and there is nothing you can do except help him commit grand larceny? I love that Peter has a love interest and I love even more that she has an accent, though it sketches me out that she looks like an even creepier version of Bjork. She has a tiny child face and scraggly hair, the perfect runt match up for Peter.

Speaking of slutting around….Mama Petrelli used to let Takei lay pipe, that’s rough. Who knows what this old gang of heroes was into, seems like it was some pretty freaky shit. Murder, espionage, swinging key parties, I am excited to see what the flashbacks into their time periods will be like. I know that NBC plans to air a spin-off called Origins in which it addresses these older characters. I hope its just like Easy Rider with super powers an hour long drug trip with a topless Mama Petrelli in a graveyard.

Hiro almost gets the opportunity to get some make out action for himself, but he blows it and pulls some American Beauty cherry blossom stunt. I must admit though the Battle of Twelve swords is a pretty dope name. Now we know Takensei has super powers too! He can heal, is he a long lost ancestor of Claire/Nathan? Does he know that about himself and that makes him even more of a bitch about not fighting, or now that he knows that he is indestructible will he become the hero that he is destined to be. I guess tune in next week, since my fucking DVR cut off right as Claire picked up the book, so I missed next week’s previews. I rarely ever get TV blue balls but that was certainly the case last night.

Cheerleader has gone absolutely mad. She went from, OK I get it dad, to lets cut off my toe with a pair of scissors in the span of one episode. So she has this creepy flyboy following her around, he is like a handsome version of Duckie. I mean I assume he is handsome…Busted. For real though she was cutting off her toe and he was watching, she could have been masturbating…what a creep! I wish she was flicking the bean…what a creep!

All in all another lame set up episode, but Heroes is pretty good at giving you three lame set up episodes but then paying them off rather well, unlike Lost which is a full season of blue balls, it’s like dating a girl for an entire semester than finding out she is born-again and is waiting till marriage.

Hold on one second there is a 6’4 black guy at the door…

Hmm, why is my computer on?