I was at my local grocery store to pick up a couple of items when I found myself torn between two types of my favorite brand of tortilla chips. This particular brand of "Authentic Mexican Tortilla Chips" offers both a triangle and a strip. Now, I'm sure most people would have gone with the more traditional triangle or they wouldn't have cared either way, but my personal preference points me towards the strip. If someone had asked me right then and there why I preferred the strip., I wouldn't have been able to answer. However, after some serious though on whether or not the strip was better, I came to the realization that if offered almost anything in traditional form or strip form, I prefer the strip. Here's a short list of example.

Malls: Although the regular mall probably has a wider selection of than its elongated counterpart, the strip mall is typically less crowded and offers all the things I look for in a mall. I can get my haircut, buy some liquor, and eat some Chinese food, all in one place. Plus if I can't find something I need at one strip mall, there's usually another one across the street with a completely different selection of stores.

Post-It Notes: The square notes are handy, but there's something about the little strip ones that scream efficiency. I can't tell you how many little Post-It Note strips I have hanging out the side of my school books like a beacon guiding me to a plethora of knowledge just waiting for me to absorb it.

Yogurt: Ok, I know they technically aren't strips, they're tubes, but compared to traditional yogurt they're strip-like. You all remember Go-Gurt don't you? Well all I have to say about that is, "Awesome!'"

Poker: It's no secret that strip poker is better than any other form of poker. Unless there's some form of poker out there that not only involves nudity, but also Go-Gurt and Post-It Note strips.

Clubs: I haven't been to a huge amount of clubs. Plus where I'm at the selection is somewhat limited. I think however, that I'm correct in assuming your typical strip club is going to be better than your typical non-strip club.

This is a fairly decent list to start with. I know it's no complete by any means, but I feel if someone where to ask me now why I prefer the strip, I would easily be able to answer proudly that, "Strips of all sorts are simply better."