Door closes, Hubert Farnsworth, who believes he's God, enters.

Michael A: "Hey man, you're back."

God: "I never left I am everywhere, all the time."

Michael A: " Dude, you've got to stop with this God shit. Seriously. You aren't fooling anyone. You failed biology last semester; God created the whole world. Plus, you still break out every week and puke after two games of beer pong. Clearly, you are not God."

God: "You are raising your opinions above God's. It is wrong to do, but I forgive you my child. You'll never be a saint but perhaps you will still be touched by the hand of God."

Michael A: "Fuck you, my mom's a saint and she'd never touched you."

God: mumbles "She will be a saint if she does what she did to me last night a few more times."

Michael A: "Whatever. Look man the rent is due this week, you got your half?"

God: "The Lord shall provide, my child." picks up small wicker basket

Michael A: "Dude, stop fucking around. I'm not paying you offering. Get that collection basket out of my face. I'm trying to play Guitar Hero. Seriously, though, I covered you last month I'm not doing it again!"

God: " Yeah, I'll figure it out. Have some faith for my sake."

Michael A: "You had the money last week. What did you do with it?"

God: "Don't worry about it."

Michael A: "I'm not getting evicted because of you man; we are going to get evicted if rent is late again."

God: "I used my money to buy Halo 3. It spoke to me."

Michael A: "FUCK! You're such an ASSHO—wait you got Halo 3?"

God: "I did."

Michael A: "Fuck the rent! I can stay with my girlfriend. Lets play it. Just stop with the God shit, will you?"

God: mumbles walking away "Your girlfriend says I'm a god."

Michael A: "What, did you say?"

God: "Nothing."

Edited and corrected by Lisa