Hey everyone, how we feeling today? Good, good. Well, first off, we have two Morning After columns up and ready to be argued about.

Also, we're getting down to the wire on Axe's dirty film contest. You have less than two weeks to enter your dirty film for a chance to win the following things…
  • A trip to LA for you and a friend
  • Some spending cash while you're there
  • A chance to appear on Jimmy Kimmel
  • A new iMac
  • A new Sony HD Handycam
The best part? It's really not that difficult to enter. You literally just need to videotape yourself (preferably with some friends) getting dirty. Then, upload the clip and you're done. The barrier to entry is pretty low here so I hope some of you take advantage of that and win some sweet stuff.

And with that, have a great day,