Jock: Hey nerd what's number five?

Nerd: I'm not a nerd, and it happens to be C.

Me: Why are you such a dick to him?

Jock: My weiner is a dick to your mom!!!! (high fives his buddies)

Me: You're and idiot.

Nerd: Thanks for stickin' up for me man.

Me: Yeah whatever.

Emo: ='(

Stoner: Fuck! I'm high. I'm so bad, considering I smoke pot.

Me: Why are you crying you puss?

Emo: Why do you guys always torment me?

Jock: Cause you're a bitch!

Emo: My life is hard enough without you guys being mean.

Me: I hate you.

Wigger: Yo' mama!

Me: What?

Wigger: Bitch you don't know me!

Me: Yes I do. You're the wigger.

Weird kid: Wiggers suck. Right Chris? (there is no one in the room named Chris)

Hick: Anyboy catch that race last night? Gordon really pulled that shit off. Party!!!

Me: Nascar is the worst thing ever invented.

Hick: Nuh uh…those guys are athletes.

Jock: I'll kick their ass!

Me. Jesus. Highschool is great.