• Years after the Survivor series is cancelled, host Jeff Probst will be arrested for a string of serial killings spanning over 15 years. The victims will all be former cast offs from previous seasons. Probst will plead guilty and, in a stunning address to the court, will call his victims “fucking pussies” claiming that “I had to live on that fucking island for 17 goddamn years, you think you know what it means to be a Survivor? You all know nothing!!!”
  • Due to the subsequent success of Flavor of Love, I Love New York, Flavor of Love 2, and Charm School, New York (aka Tiffany Pollard, a paid actor for VH1) will legally change her name to Ilove Newyork. After the name change, Newyork will sue VH1 for defamation, copyright infringement, and creative rights to the series’, solidifying her position as the ultimate money grubbing whore.
  • Joe Rogan will gain even more widespread popularity when he reveals that he “fucked every single bitch” on Fear Factor. Twin and Mother/Daughter episodes included.

If any of this happens you owe me 10 bucks….seriously.