I must admit, this is a painstaking writing assignment. I can barely tune in to Heroes anymore. I am not excited by it, it’s been how many episodes and nothing has really happened. Still we wait, because Kring did this to us last year. He let us go a couple of episodes of boring stuff and then Bamf! Hits us with some awesome. Instead the ‘cliffhangers’ and ‘suspense’ and ‘interesting moments’ are all so lame. Fine introduce more characters with similar powers that will arbitrarily connect and we are supposed to be excited.

Ali Larter walks into a scene and does nothing. (Don’t tase me Mo!) Are we supposed to be excited that she enters a scene? Don’t get me wrong, I will never complain if Ali Larter comes into my house and starts choking me, actually that is a very specific fetish of mine. Then Mohinder knocks on the door at the end of the episode and we are supposed to give a rat’s ass about what he may or may not do? Not may or may not, will not. No one will do anything on that show. The season finale is going to be like 5 characters standing around saying we have to figure some BS out and then it will end and say to be continued. We will see some crazy preview and it will be some little sell out moment.

Thank the good lord that Kristen ‘Nerd Eye Candy’ Bell was in the episode, because she did absolutely nothing, it was like might as well set up that the president is going to be on the show, and then just show some quick shot of him from CNN. The show is getting lazy in a ‘we have our fans’ kind of way. I am afraid I am going to hurt some CH reader’s fan’s feelings. Then again, I wonder if anyone even reads this?
Parkman’s character has super powers, deals with people with super powers takes jobs as bodyguards freelance, but can’t face his own dad? I am just as scared of my dad as the next guy, but come on; a girl’s life is on the line. You are going to be tentative and trust your scumbag father?

One thing I did like in this episode was the girl who can learn from watching TV or people doing things. I like that her and Micah are becoming friends and talking about their powers. They are the first characters in this show to share any kind of information with one another. I like the prospect that she is going to become an actual hero and save some people and have Micah as her little clich?ech-geek sidekick. She could inspire all these characters on this show to get off their ass and fight crime, and do good.

SIDENOTE- this show has a lot of pretty blatant stereotyping and/or racism:
-The Indian guy is a Doctor
-The fat guy is a cop
-The blonde is a stripper
-The Central Americans are trying to sneak across the border
-The black guy is a thief and married a white woman and was not a good husband, and didn’t perform oral on her (we can assume).
-The Asian guy likes video games and samurai swords
- The young black girl lives in a FEMA trailer
And the clincher moment in this episode:
Well what skill do you want to learn? Basketball, dancing, double dutch? Are her powers to only learn stereotypical black activities?

I am too pissed off with this show to pretend that the Haitian is in my apartment…Wait why was so I so angry? What is Microsoft word?

Here Streeter…Sicko