Our psych professor kept us ten minutes late one day in class, and he said he'd give us those ten minutes back next time. The next ten classes, he let us out one minute early.
Jamie, University of South Carolina

In chemistry, the professor set up a demonstration for a synthesis reaction. Midway through the demonstration, one of the beakers exploded, splattering my friend's face with the caustic solution. She had to go to the hospital with 2nd degree burns.
Lacey, Oakland University

My astronomy professor asked my friend Brian to stay after class one day. Six hours later, he knocked on the door to my dorm room, covered in blood and muttering in French.
Steve, Creighton University

One day in political science, our professor was lecturing and he stopped mid-sentence, picked up the overhead projector and smashed it into the wall. He shouted, "NO, MOTHER!" and sprinted out of the room.
Jake, SUNY Purchase

Our biology professor walked into class fifteen minutes late, wearing a hockey mask and holding nothing but a machete. He decapitated someone in the front row, and walked back out of the room.
Michael, Ohio State University

In world civ one day, our professor was looking really pale and shaky. Every once in a while when he was writing on the board random words like "blood" and "hunger" would sneak in. Forty minutes into the lecture, his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he lunged forward, biting one of the students in the neck. Everyone ran screaming from the room. I think the two of them ended up biting six or seven more people before the authorities came in and got the zombie virus contained.
Brett, University of Missouri

We had a test in anatomy one day, and instead of giving us the full 45 minutes to finish the test, our professor only gave us 30. Asshole.
Katie, Tulane University