Man, what a crazy year it has been in college football. Once again, the _____ conference is looking like a powerhouse and the _____ conference seems to be slacking off. At least there is one constant that will never change, the media loves _____. I hate how the media defends that team, even after that poor showing against _____. Sure they won, but they should have killed them if _____ was really that good, according to the media. And what about all of these upsets, _____ beating ______ at home, _____ beating _____ on the road. I thought _____ was such a hard place to play, NOT!

You know something though, I don’t care what everyone says, _____ blank should not be ranked in the top . My old high school plays harder teams than ______ and yet, since ____ blank has plays a much harder schedule and slipped up against _____ at ______,___ gets to waltz right up to number ____. Such bullshit. Oh well, if ______ isn’t playing ______ in the BCS Title Game, then we have a problem. At least Notre Dame sucks, TAKE THAT LOU HOLTZ YOU ______. I bet Les Miles has a pair of huge _____ for brains. Nick Saban is a ______.