Stuff happened! I am right back on the Heroes train. I am excited there is a lot of great stuff going on. Battles in the mindfield, making out while sharing headphones, Mohinder torn between sides, Peter traveling through dimensions. This is really starting to take off. I don’t want the season to end, I want to watch it on DVD, so that I don’t have to wait and I can fast forward through all the nothing.

One thing that made this episode great, is that the two storylines that are the least important were never touched upon. The New Orleans hero and Los Wonder Twins, what happens to them doesn’t matter when all the original characters have these great storylines.

One thing that I really liked was the dystopian future,, if anyone knows me (which none of you do). I love any movie/tv show/book that takes place in a post-apocalyptic place, where people wear shoulder pads and there is a burnt out pinto. People fight to the death over some pretty common item, that is now scarce, whether it be water, ice or dry land. So to see that not so distant future is pretty awesome. Though Peter regaining all of his memories just because his mother said, remember Peter, was pretty lame. But I will forgive.

Claire and West are heating up, and I just don’t mean that gratuitous display of first base while sharing some jams on my new verizon mp3 phone. I mean the father knows, West knows, Claire knows…People are in the know, no more secrets. All this tension that they spread out over several episodes is finally now coming into fruition.
The Hiro stuff was exciting too, explosions, kissing, having the maturity to leave and get back to the regular plotline like everyone else. Now things are going to be pretty bad ass when Hiro decides to avenge the father of his death, especially with all newly gained confidence from feudal Japan. Kensei being this Adam guy, and being this season’s Sylar is pretty rad (unless of course Sylar is this season’s Sylar). I can’t wait to see the 500 year old bone that he has to pick with Hiro. There is going to be a pretty awesome showdown towards the end.

Nikki is finally gonna die, and I couldn’t care, with Kristen Bell on the show, I need no more eye-candy. Especially if said eye-candy spends the majority of two seasons talking to mirrors. I don’t need that lame ass ‘I need to save my kid’ crap. Just give me the geek goddess Bell as an arbitrary bad guy added to work her into the show. I will take it. I will do re-writes on my life right now to have her in it (and that would make me a scab).

Finally Parkman…who has become this big softie of a character has a corny at best moment in a mind battle against his father. Corny? Yes. But I will own up and say that I loved it, and not because of my own unresolved parent issues, but because he is standing up for himself, and being the bad ass. I don’t know why but I have an affinity towards overweight dark haired guys (Narcissm? Yes.)

Good day everyone, wait there is someone at the door…OK you know who it is…and so do I, just mind wipe me and let me get out of here.
Also forget Streeter, here is a pic for myself.