New York: Hello?

York: Guess who, dude.

New York: I dunno, London?

Lon..Whaaaa?..Come on, man. It's your older bro-ski, York!

New York: Oh, hey man. How's it going?

York: Ha! How's it going, he says. I think you know how it's going, man. GREAT! I know you wouldn't know because you never visit…

New York:
Come on, I…

…but, things are awesome here. I'm still living in the mother land but, hey, since you're not here to help out anymore, somebody has to look after the place.

New York: Well, I'm happy to hear you're doing well.

More than well. Anyway-skis, you still seeing that lush little thing you lived next door to?

New York:
You mean Brooklyn?

York: Yeah man, you guys still thinking about getting together?

New York: Ah, funny story, actually. We kind of got together a while ago. We even have a bridge together now… a few bridges actually. And a tunnel.

…Oh…oh, ok. I guess my invitation was….?

New York: …It was just a long way for you to travel, you know? I didn't want you to feel like you had to come.

York: No, totally. I probably couldn't have made it, anyway. I'm so busy, you know.

New York: Right. So, what's up? Do you need money or something?

HA! You think I'd ever ask my little bro for money? You're crazy. man. No, I'm done fine money-wise. I've got some new industries and stuff I'm really excited about, so that's all gravy baby.

New York: Good to hear. So, what's up then? I'm kind of busy these days, you know.

York: Get a load of this guy…

New York:
Come on, not aga…

"I'm the cultural capital of the world. I've got a population of 8 million. I don't have time for my family anymore. Blah blah blah. Empire State building." Since when did you get so high and mighty?

New York:
God man, when did you get so defensive? Are you feeling maybe a little threatened by my success? Because that's just ridic…

York: Threatened? HA! I was the capital of Northern England, bud-ski. I was in a little movie you may have heard of…Braveheart! Heard of it? Threatened, he says! Some brother you are.

New York: ME?! Did you so much as call when I was having problems six years ago? Huh? When I could've used a little help for once? You called four weeks later and asked for money. You didn't even bother to ask me how I was feeling.

Hey…hey. OK, that was dick of me. No doubt-ski. Let's just forget it, OK?

New York:


York: Hey, remember when you and Mom and Dad had that big fight a while ago?

New York: When I wanted to move out?

York: Yeah.

New York:
What about it?

York: Nothing, just like, man, that was nuts, right?

New York: Yeah. Well, gotta go.

York: Cool, cool. I'm probably gonna chill with Orleans tonight. You heard anything from his little bro? He lives over there, too, right? That dude used to PARTY!

New York:
Oh, you haven't heard, huh? Orleans' little brother is kind of having kind of a rough patch right now. He could use some help, actually. If you want to volunteer you cou…

York: Whoa, is that the time?! Oh jeez, I have to go to Scotland for like, oh man, I am late! Peace-skis, bro! Catch ya on the flip flop!