Well if this was it, if this was indeed the last episode ever, what a way to go.

Usually Larry David thinks every season is the last season, so while there are no concrete plans to do another one, that doesn't necessarily mean anything. However, after leaving Seinfeld after it's 7th season, it appears as though this is the most optimistic he has been about another year since the show started, telling people he was already mulling another two (and maybe three!) seasons of the show. (Source: NYPost.com)

But for now, let us treat it as what it is, the last episode of season six. And what a great season it was.

From what I understand, Larry determines the whole arch of the season before writing individual episodes, and this seasons arch was the Blacks and breaking up with Cheryl. What I can't understand, though, was if Larry had in mind that he would be ending up with Loretta all season long, why is the only foreshadowing that comes to mind when Larry tells Loretta in episode 6 of this season that he's attracted to women of all colors. "Anywhere from albino, to heart of darkness Africa black." Wouldn't there be a slightly budding romance before the final five minutes of the entire season?

I guess not.

This last episode seems to be an homage to what Larry loves about HBO, and what he can do with his ideas when they're not being censored by network television. Jokes about gerbils in the ass, pretending to be retarded (which is probably the hardest I've laughed this season), and anal tickles are just three of many reasons Larry is even considering season seven, eight, or even nine.

Special guest stars, which have been a season finale staple as of late, came in two flavors: Awesomely appropriate (Michael McKean) and Who's That Again? (John Legend) Though it is about time we see a Christopher Guest alumni grace Curb with his presence and Michael McKean probably provided the line of the night: "He already has an office, Larry. On the right hand of God!" (Slight Michael McKean subnote: He has now appeared on Curb, Mr. Show, and the Simpsons which are pretty much the three cornerstones of modern TV comedy.)

So what now? If there is another season, does it pick up where this one left off? Are Larry and Loretta officially together? Is Cheryl out of the picture? Was it all a dream?!

While the final episode may have provided us with more questions than answers, there are no regrets. Mainly because it also provided us with a great novelty Christmas Card to send people this year. Enjoy!