I am just a normal guy who got into a relationship that lasted four years longer than it should have. Of course, it wasn't until a year after the engagement and an insane amount of money did she decided that I needed to go. But instead of just ending it I had to find notes, pictures, and Myspace messages from random guys she 'encountered' at the bars. Because of this I will begin to tell my story. A story I know is not only my own, but of men all over the world who got involved with "The Bitch from Hell". I will post what went on over those four years. Including and not limited too threesomes, swinging, and drunken pool fights with guys wearing John Deer hats. This is not a happy story though it might make you smile. It is the descent that many men make in their mid twenty's who assume that the best is yet to come. Even if the here and now is nothing to write home about. Oh, yeah…it took place in the dreaded state of Alabama……from which I have since departed and only look back to in my writings. Hope you enjoy.