Dear American Agent/Renegade/Convict,

Well, well, well, you have done it once again. Every time some political, criminal, or crazy international drug ring shows up, you soon follow. It begins when we hear you pull an E-brake turn in an attempt to shake the person following you.

For some reason you just have to accelerate and swerve around, you know this alley is way smaller than our normal roads, right? Do you also know that it's SUPER ANNOYING to have to dive out of your way all the time? Cars aren't permitted in this alleyway, that's why people are eating outside, STOP DRIVING RIGHT AT THEM!

There are other options of escape besides this alley, did you think of jumping into a river? How about jumping off a bridge onto a bus as it passes?All of these are viable options. Anyway good luck with your espionage/getting revenge/escaping from the law.

p.s. That tattoo on the tall mans neck is a symbol for the Yoagi Club in Esterviago.