Do your parents not understand technology? None of them do, they're all morons! People that dumb shouldn't be allowed to breed. It's tragic, really.

If you've got an example of your Parents Just Don't Understanding, embarrass them and send it to parentsjustdontunderstand (at)

  • My mom asked me what MP3's look like.
    -Jessica L.

  • My mom was trying to find a picture I had taken for her. She called me up to ask where it was. I told her to navigate to her desktop and look for it there. She said, "But I only have this laptop."
    -Brendan M.

  • During class, we were doing student presentations using a new projector attached to a laptop on a cart. When the screen first turned on, it was partially on the wall and the ceiling. The professor just sat there and stared at it. After about two minutes of doing nothing, someone asked him if he was going to fix the projector so that it was completely on the wall. He responded with, "I thought that it would automatically adjust itself, I didn't know I had to do it manually."
    - Jon from Toronto
  • On spam emails about penis enhancment:
    Grandma: Do you ever get e-mails?
    Me: Yeah….
    Grandma: What I mean is, do you ever get SEXY e-mails?
    - Devin from Villanova