Sorry for the delay on this, I am a lazy POS.

Again this episode was decent, but I am more excited about next week’s. I have to stop watching promos, because I find myself saying the same thing week in and week out. I am glad some people started dying, or at least getting punched in the face.

Sylar killed the hermano, finally a totally pointless character, made even more pointless by the sister figuring out she can control her own powers. Can we assume that he will have the power to stop the sister if she tries to go black tears on everyone? Sooner than later he will also have her power and wipe out America.
The poor Nawlins girl is now in the back of a van with thugs that seem to have an ulterior motive. She also knows Parkour now which I think is the coolest thing. Then again it could be because I don’t even know how to run normally no less that fast and over buildings. So was that whole scene a trap? I was pretty confused. I hope Micah feels super guilty and goes and tries to rescue his cousin to no avail.
Hiro was a total badass in this episode; I hope he cuts Peter and Adam’s heads off. How dumb can Peter Petrelli be? He can’t see the evilness behind this whole situation? Especially now that he shot gunned that old bag in the back. He is still trying to save that Irish girl? He is going through great lengths and teamed up with an immortal jerk to save/destroy the world. Hiro is pissed and out for vengeance, so that is exciting, though I really want to see him in that bad ass mode from the first season with the little flavor saver goatee and all black ninja outfit.

Who even cares about Claire/Noah/Mohinder anymore, though its creepy that Sylar has Molly (mini-cerebro) and can use her to track down whatever powers he wants to get. He will have like his very own of super powers. Where is Parkman? I hope Claire goes all crazy and tracks Bob down and kills him. I guess I am like a 10 year old rooting for everyone to just fight already.