Episode #2.10

Sunday night saw the tenth episode in what is being called “the best series since The Sopranos” (according to Guy Who Has Never Bothered To Watch a Full Episode of The Sopranos).

After a ton of unexpected crap happening last episode, not as much took place this episode. Last week the Showtime writers did their best to make us gasp in amazement; this time they just made sure to remind us what was going on and how shocking everything was last week. If this season was a term paper, episode ten was the beginning of the three hour long conclusion.

After two seasons, it’s nice to finally see Dexter and Doakes having a three-way with Mr. Truth. There can only be so many threats made to Dexter and subsequent ponderings of his voiceover before you just had to see them be open about the fact that Dexter murders people.

Oh, it was also nice to see Doakes in a cage too.

There are literally bajillions of beautiful metaphors in this show that can be related back to general society, but I don’t go too deeply into them because I don’t think the internet has enough space to hold all of them. Maybe a spin-off: ‘Morning After Morning After Dexter’? Has a nice ring to it, if you ask me.

Being Dexter is stressful. He has to deal with a relationship, the feds guarding him, the hostage that the feds are guarding him from, and the crazy woman who won’t leave him alone. Not to mention the fact that he has to go to work and try to catch HIMSELF. Whenever you bitch about your four super hard finals this year, just be thankful you’re not a hunted serial killer.

One of the recent commenters hit a recent plot area right on the foreskin: turns out Juminez had a pending drug deal and now that person wants their cocaine. (That’s what he meant when he kept referring to “snow.” God, you’re dumb sometimes.) When Dexter realizes this, he figures “Hey, why not bring the drug dealer back to the cabin and add another notch to the belt in front of my pissed off, yet horrified hostage!”

My favorite part about the text messages was how even adult drug dealers use 12 year-old texting lingo. It’s never very intimidating when someone tells you “gimm3 the stuff b4 I kill ur fam!”

Question: What would an episode of this show be without Debra tweaking over some minor crap no one should ever care about?

Answer: Better.

Deb complains about Lundy leaving her after the case is solved. She reveals how she thinks this and how she feels that and blah blah blah.

At first when Dexter kindly gave Doakes the bottled water to quench his thirst, we thought he was just being nice. And then we realized that Dexter sedated him so that he could put Doakes’ prints all over the Bay Harbor Butcher murder weapons in order to frame him better. Oh well, it was the initial thought that counted, I guess.

After Dexter then dumps that equipment in a spot where they’ll soon be detected, he goes to talk to Matthews about what he was hiding about Harry Morgan. We find out that Harry committed suicide instead of succumbing to heart disease and Matthews made sure no one ever knew.

You initially thought the roofies that Lila bought were to drug Angel, didn’t you? But nope! She did what any mentally stable person does and took them right after she just got done having sex, in order to make it look like date rape. Divorced, stabbed, now acused of rape… poor Angel just never gets a break.

After Dexter kills the drug dealer in front of his new hostage, Doakes is clearly disgusted. This reminds Dex of how is father once walked in one of Dexter’s first murders and got creeped out. It is then he realizes that it was because of him that his father died; Harry could not live with the monster that he created.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the last two hours of the season. From the previews, it looks like Lila is going to make her way to the cabin where Doakes is hanging out. With those two in the same room, anything is possible so I wouldn’t be so quick to predict Doakes getting the axe. Hopefully Lila gets it so we never have to see her pasty little face running around, ruining people’s days.

Quote of the Episode:
Masuka, whispering to Dexter: "Hair pulling might not be manly, but it’s effective."