The Stupid Question Hall of Fame is back again, ready to embarrass the kids who cheapen your degree. Remember the rules – If you send in the absolute stupidest, you get a free BustedTee. Read all five and cast your vote. And, if you heard something stupid in class this week, send it to me at The Nominees
  • A) Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Submitted by Steve

    On hearing the professor talk about a past Air Jordan advertising campaign…

    Genius: Wait, are air Jordan and Micheal Jordan the same person?

  • B) Acadia University, Freeport, Maine Submitted by Tyler

    Lady Einstein: Are any of the 9/11 hijackers still alive?

  • C) University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada Submitted by Chris

    Next Prime Minister: So what was the big deal about the cold war?

    (sadly, this question cannot win as it is from Canada, but I wanted to share with you anyway – Street)

  • D) Seton Hall University, Glassboro, New Jersey Submitted by Walt

    After just watching a video in class from Nazi Germany…

    Smarty: Wait a minute, did they have cameras back then?

    Prof: Yes! And Sound too!

  • E) Northern Kentucky University, Alexandria, Kentucky Submitted by Nutz

    While talking about Metropolitan Areas…

    The Brilliance: So, an urban sprawl…Is that like, a big fight in the city?


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