Scream, "105% is the greatest thing ever!" at everyone you see. If they're on the 105% prize patrol, you'll win $105! Stay tuned for another uninterrupted joke block.

Jedi Shorthand
- Death *
- @@ Walker
- R2D2
Not-So-Dirty Harry
"In this city I am judge, jury, and parole officer."
Q: What's long, hard and filled with semen?
A: A submarine filled with cum.
Meanwhile at Microwave College…
Microwave 1: Cool, so you bring the fridge and I'll bring the human. Microwave 2: Tight.
Bear Grylls in: "Man vs. Himself"
"If you watch closely, that snake appears to be saying 'You're a worthless, despicable jerk.' And maybe he's right. I've never been good at anything. Maybe I'll just end it all. I'm not even worth the scorpion's anus I'm currently eating."
-Dan Gurewitch