This is why you’re here people, so be ready to buckle down. I assume that you already bought the $180 book on the syllabus. It’s absolutely essential that you do the reading and make it to class. I’ll be taking attendance throughout the semester. Now, let’s talk about the book. What do you all think? Who wants to step up and be a leader in the classroom? Come on guys, seriously, I know someone read the recommended reading over the summer. Anyone? Please? Don’t be shy. Shit.

College classes are similar to high school classes, except you get to choose which ones you take, they’re difficult, and it’s hard to cheat. On second thought, college classes are nothing like high school classes.

Everyone become focused in college; and adopt the attitude “if I’m here, picking my classes, and paying for them, I’m going to go to class and study my tail off!” This little notion lasts about 3-4 weeks, at which point you realize that you’re taking the same General Ed. requirements as everyone else, that there is a TON of work involved, and your professor/T.A. is an incompetent jackass (see previous article). At that point, most people switch back into trying to get the best grade possible while learning as little as possible. You’ll try in a few years, when the classes really matter.

Also, a word on your classmates: there will always be “that guy” that spends the day kissing the ass of the person teaching the class. He reads ahead and answers every question before the professor finishes talking. “That guy” sits in the front row of every class, and he will always, always piss everybody else off, but he doesn’t care because the only opinion that matters is the one that shows up on the transcript. Don’t be that guy. Nobody likes that guy.

More to come.