So I was browsing the world wide web the other night, and happened upon a really enchanting little website, run by a really charming sounding young woman, "Toastburglar." I tried to submit this to CollegeHumor as a Gnarly 90slink, but they ignored me. I'm sure they found MUCH better stuff, like Nerf and Gak commercials, to post.

Anyway, bitterness aside, this is worth checking out. Mighty Ducks Fan Fiction.

The"NC-17" rated entries, primarily detailing the whirlwind romance between Guy and Connie, are particularly interesting. My only disappointment is the almost complete absence of coach Gordon Bombay. Ialso found the entry regarding the death of coach Reilly, of rivals the Hawks, on 9/11 rather distasteful. You get the idea.

*Editor's Note: I did not ignore it, I wanted to feature the story instead, dick. -Street