Gun Range Employee: How you doing today?

Guy: Fantastic, I am looking to use the firing range today. Do you guys rent out guns?

Gun Range Employee: We most certianly do.

Guy: Sweet, thats what I want to do.

Gun Range Emplyee: God bless you son, what would you like to fire? We got several 9mms, a few standard revolvers….

Guy: Well, I was kinda hoping to just shoot a few rounds from the Golden Gun.

Gun Range Employee: Excuse me?

Guy: You know, the golden gun? The gun that kills in one hit.

Gun Range Employee: I am sorry sir, we don't have that.

Guy: What? Why? Oh yes, of course I am sorry, I suppose I have to beat the temple in less than twelve minutes right?

Gun Range Employee: No, we just don't carry such a weapon.

Guy: Alright then, we can hold that off for the time being. Alright, lets go balls to the wall then and whip out that monster dick of a gun, the Cougar Magnum.

Gun Range Employee: The Cougar Magnum? Ummm I don't think we carry that one either, nor have I ever really heard of that one.

Guy: Son of a bitch, well, whats the problem, you run out?

Gun Range Employee: No.

Guy: Its those damn pussy liberals?

Gun Range Employee: No! That weapon doesn't exist!

Guy: Oh I see, alright well, lets see……how about the RC-P90?

Gun Range Employee: RC-P90?

Guy: Yeah, eighty round clip, my bro Jeff thinks that the RC-P90 is the Corky of the Goldeneye guns, I want to prove him wrong.

Gun Range Employee: Sir, you are aware that he guns you are asking forare not real, they aren't manufactured and aren't even reallytechnoligically fesible at the moment don't you? At least not the public.

Guy: You are telling me that an American, like myself, can't come intothis establishment and shoot off a few rounds from the Moonraker Military Laser?

Gun Range Employee: Not at the moment no.

Guy: Ok, how about this…. left, down, right, down, left, down, right, up….now will you give me the Golden Gun?

Gun Range Employee: You just shouted directions at me.

Guy: Its supposed to unlock the Golden Gun, now hand it over.

Gun Range Employee: Sir, I am gonna have to ask you to leave.

Guy: Fine, this place sucks anyways! I bet you can't even fire a RPG rocket launcher without getting the third degree! I am gonna go where my buisness is appreciated and I will be taken care of, I am going to Texas!