Just answer the questions below to see if you're a regular good Will Hunting when it comes to math, or if you still need an abacus to do basic arithmatic, idiot!

2 + 5 =
3 (0 points)
Fart (1 point)
Oh my god, is this seriously a quiz about math? That's boring. I can do math in class (2 points)
At least 5 (3 points)
7 (4 points)

If a recipe for sugar cookies calls for 2 cups of cinnamon, how much cinnamon is that in ounces?
20,000,000 ounces (0 points)
Poop (1 point)
Holy sh*t! That's so much cinnamon. And another thing, the title doesn't even make sense. You can't be well at math. You can be good. Retard (2 points)
A lot. You have to buy more (3 points)
16 ounces (4 points)

One leg of a right triangle is 3 units, and another is 4 units. How long is the hypotenuse?
25 feet high (0 points)
I can't believe this gay-ass quiz is on the front page (2 points)
5 (3 points)
5 units (4 points)

158,717 – Y = 95,939 Find Y
53,272 (0 points)
Buttsack Buttsack Buttsack Buttsack (1 point)
Y do I care? (2 points)
Y=60,000 ish (3 points)
Y=62,778 (4 points)

An elephant in heat has escaped from the zoo and is rampaging through your campus. He's smashing through buildings and crushing elementery education students under his mighty feet. How would you stop him using math alone? (Do not use a calculator)
6 (0 points)
Boobies (1 point)
WTF? That doesn't even make sense (2 points)
10 (3 points)
If the weight of the elephant equals X, Y represents the number of tranquilizer darts required to take it down, and each tranquilizer dart is capable of sedating ~400 elephant pounds. We'll use the formula 400Y = X. Since the zookeeper's records indicate that Delilah (the elephant) weighs 2 tons, we can take down the elephant with 400Y = 4,000, or 10 (4 points)

Which of these is a prime number?
4 (0 points)
Nougat (1 point)
Bla bla bla booooring (2 points)
7 or 9. One of them, not both. I'm not saying which (3 points)
3 (4 points)