The Stupid Question Hall of Fame is back again, ready to embarrass the kids who cheapen your degree. Remember the rules – If you send in the absolute stupidest, you get a free BustedTee. Read all five and cast your vote. And, if you heard something stupid in class this week, send it to me at

The Nominees

  • A) San Diego State University, La Mesa, CaliforniaSubmitted by Josh

    Prof: …so these are the many different features of the Martian surface.

    The Brilliance: So how come they only call the surface on Mars the "Martian Surface"? Why don't they call any other planet's surface a Martian surface?

  • B) UMass-Lowell, Holbrook, MassachusettsSubmitted by Dan

    Professor Einstein- And all of the main branches of military have their headquarters located in the Pentagon. You know what that is? It's that building that looks like that weird shape. What shape is that?

    Class- A pentagon.

  • C) Louisiana State University, Shreveport, LouisianaSubmitted by Kyle

    After teacher hands out summary sheet to study for final.

    Genius 1: So this is all that is going to be on our final?

    Prof: Yes, and if you have any more questions you can come to my office hours or email me.

    Genius 2: So we can just email you with have any questions?

  • D) Michigan, Ann Arbor, MichiganSubmitted by Richie

    Einstein Jr.: So this Sears and Roebuck company back in the 50's, was it like JC Penny is today?

    Professor: Well sort of, but more like Sears…

  • E) University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TexasSubmitted by John

    Our final exam includes a question which contains the phrase "within earshot".

    Valedictorian: What's an ear-shot?
    Professor: Uh…


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