This issue edited by Cookie Monster's evil twin, People Monster.

Dated "Yo' Mamma" Jokes

- "Yo' mamma's so fat, the Genie from Aladdin granted her 4 wishes."
- "Yo' mamma's so dumb, she convinced Richard Donner to produce a third Lethal Weapon."
- "Yo mamma's so ugly, she makes the series finale of The Golden Girls look like the series premiere of Designing Women."
The Mr. Bucket List
1. Put your balls in my top
2. Out of my mouth they will pop
3. Repeat
Cannibal's Motto

Bros before hos, never been sicker.
Great minds think alike, but the greatest minds just steal their ideas and get rich.
A Librarian Trying to be Cool

Keep it non-fiction
Away Messages Of My 3-Year-Old Niece

"Dora like Whoa"
"Potty like a rockstar"
"Dance like no one is watching, love like you've never been hurt"
The title "While You Were Sleeping" has such a sweet ring to it, until you remember that the end of the sentence is "I f*cked Bill Pullman and I'm leaving you."